Thursday, November 26, 2009



Wytze's graduation project for Cannondale from Eelke D. on Vimeo.

The Cannondale Dutchess by Wytze van Mansum
via Yanko Design

This would be the kinda bike i want if i ever get one again!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Wishlist

I want this... except i wish it comes in a different colour! There was a time when i wanted only a T & Co. engagement ring.... but wouldn't this be sooo much more fun!?!? Ahhh.... if only!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Coming Soon

New York I Love You

I was surprised to see this movie only showed in selected theatres in the States... Can't wait to watch in December!

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree!

All of the Above from Francfranc

Very very very tempted to get myself a Christmas tree this year..... These tiny ones from Francfranc might just do!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It still amazes me sometimes how far technology has evolved since i was a kid... This video says it all!

To cheer myself up!

All of the above re-posted at Yumterville on We Heart It

Still more than a month to go until Christmas but the decors are up everywhere! I have always have a thing for x'mas trees.... well and x'mas!!! Hoping that this post will cheer me up on this gloomy day.... hahha i m sounding like eeyore!!! Contemplating if i should get a tree this year......

Resue Mission!

MacBook from Apple

My baby died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second time in 3 yrs...... this is soooo stupid.... to a point where i want to sell it and get a new one...... I tried almost everything ppl suggested on discussion boards...... even freezing it!!! But the biggest problem is that no only do i not have a working hard disk.... i also don't have a working CD-Drive!!!!! The weirdest thing is that i have been having a feeling that my laptop is dying for the past week and have been meaning to do a back-up... n it died before i got around to doing it!!!! For those who suggest ppl to back-up every 2-3 mths... what about the data btw back-ups?!?!?!? ARGHHHHHH n i thought my luck is coming back!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cheer Up!

Pigeon: Impossible by Lucas Martell

This took 5 yrs to complete! Enjoy it!!!!!

More bags.......

Large Georgie satchel

Ryder satchel

All of the Above from J.Crew

Never knew that J.Crew has nice bags like these.... I like how most of they have shoulder straps!

Me Want!!!

Messenger Bag

Both of the above from CLAREVIVIER

OMG... this is exactly what i have been looking for in ages...... The blue is esp pretty!!!!! But i guess i should stop buying everything in blue.... i wouldn't mind the gray.... or of coz there's always the classic black! Either or.... i want one.... let's see if i can get them shipped to HK!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Made me laugh!

If you watched Twilight you would get this.... HHAHAH! Still can't believe we have to wait a whole month for New Moon to show in Hong Kong!

Happy 200th!

All of the above from various sources re-posted at
Yumsterville's We Heat It

WOW!! 200th post... i m impressed with myself.... Here goes a collection of inspiring images to celebrate the milestone! I m getting sentimental hahahah

On my iPod

給自己的信 by 鍾舒漫 Sherman Chung

讓我闖出新世界 交出真個性
假使想愛 必會找到親愛伴侶
突然十年便過去 方知歲月冷漠似水
就算紙張不會皺 甚麼都生鏽
偏偏想笑 只會得到灰暗情緒
一句一句太乾脆 一個一個已粉碎

很相信能炫耀自己 很貪心 

手紙 ~拝啓 十五の君へ~ by アンジェラ・アキ Angela Aki

今 負けないで 泣かないで
苦くて甘い 今を生きている

Keep on believing

My current favorite song.... well songs!!! The original track is by Angela Aki, whom i have fallen in love with when i was living in Japan listening to HOME (it made me cry every time!!!). This song is written for a national music contest among junior high schools in Japan; thus, the title "Letter ~ Greetings to 15 yrs old". The new re-written version, by a Hong Kong pop singer ,is the one that really touched my heart..... They are both really good songs... but probably becoz the first one was written for high sch kids... the lyrics are very encouraging but it's directed to teenagers.... whereas... the lyrics for the re-written version is more for adults.... Anyhow... they are both very inspiring... so everyone should listen to them!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Pixie sun ray bag by are you taking me out

Monday's always makes me wanna shop... n spend money....Well i guess i want to do that everyday... Today is etsy day and i found this local shop carrying this very cute bag.... really like how it's made of wool! Ohhhh... too many wants & needs.....


Silk Dress by Lavin via colette

So pretty.... i have always hv a thing for flowy dresses....

Light up my life!

Carbon 451 lamp by Marcus Tremonto
via yatzer

Love this!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Now Showing


I have been really looking forward to watching this movie and i did as soon as it started showing! i have always had a thing for disaster movies... not becoz i m heartless... but becoz they get u thinking... even for that brief 3 hrs.... The classic question of.... who do u want to be with during those last hours! Right now... i m glad i hv my family and fds! How about you?

Friday, November 13, 2009


舊約 by HOCC

OMG... the most annoying thing have been happening to me for the last two weeks...... Every morning.... first thing happens when i wake up is that a song will pop up in my head and it wouldn't go away for the whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This morning... it was this song..... ARGHHHHH how do i get rid of it!!!

New found love!

All of the Above from SOMETHING ELSE

I think i love everything from this brand!!! i love how it's girly in a boyish way! And i found out they are carried in HK too.... hv to go check them out tonite!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Another use for your already multi-functional iPhone!

Cutie Pie

via We Heart It

hahhahah good way to start educating your kid on shopping!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I heart it!

We Heart It

My recent addiction..... this website allows you to tag images/videos that inspires you all over the web! With the click of the bookmark toolbar button, you can "heart" all images! i m going overboard with this! it's soooo much fun!! This is me.... visit sometime!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

Skate at Somerset House presented by Tiffany & Co.

I first read about this event last winter... can't believe it's been a year already..... Can't think of a better brand to sponsor this event... If i can't get married at a beach... i wanna do it here..... After all... i still have a soft spot for the Tiffany blue!


I have been talking about getting a DSLR for a while.... but even the new ones are still too heavy for me.... Then.... this baby came out.... ohhh and i want it..... esp for the low light mode.... and the lens control thingie.... But sadly.... i m soooo broke right now that i can't even afford lunch....

Nostalgic Moment

閃著淚光的決定 by 吳佩慈 (Pace Wu)

決定轉身背對著你 大步大步走下去
不再回頭望向遠方 永永遠遠忘了你
不許自己哭哭啼啼 敢愛而不敢離
雖然心中無法抹去 初戀的日記

忽然渴望藍藍天空 大雨大雨的降臨
也許淚水可以洗去 所謂真愛的痕跡
不准自己只憑直覺 沈醉在愛裡
雖然曾經為你寫下 初戀的日記

I had a nostalgic moment last sat when i went out with my fds.... we were at California Red and this song came up on the song list so we decided to sing it! HAHAHH it was a good 10 yrs ago when we all loved this song.... n those were good times! Anywayz.... last sat was crazy... only 5 of us but we stayed out til 5 am.... NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!!!! i still feel like crap..... ppl past 25 should not stay out til 5am.... But i m glad i had u guyz with me!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I don't know if this is freaky or cool.... but it definitely a conversation starter. At first look i thought the whole image was computer generated.... then after further examination i realize the body is real. Quite a neat idea.... if i have the resource.... i might steal this idea for the next Halloween.... except i would use the face of someone famous instead of mine hahah


All of the Above from foamywader's etsy shop

I love these.............. enuff said!!!!